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Magmabond C1 Information
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Solvent based adhesive with gap filling properties. 

Slow drying to reduce risk of crazing.

Used on cast acrylic, extruded acrylic, UHI and ABS.

As a basic one-part adhesive for Perspex and acrylics, C1 is quite a good option where there might be some outdoor exposure of the finished article and also where join quality and strength require more than solvent alone will offer. Viscosity can be changed by adding solvent or allowing evaporation. 

The method of application relates to the viscosity of the adhesive – if it is very thin, needle bottles and syringes can still be used and the adhesive introduced into the join interface which is already in position (much the same approach as with pure solvent) whereas thicker adhesive might require a larger bore nozzle for application and there is also opportunity to close the join interface after introduction of the adhesive to one of the surfaces to be joined. The neatness of joins is more difficult to achieve than with pure solvent.

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