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TouchShield™ Curved Surface PVC
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Touchshield™ PVC for Curved Surfaces. Pricing: 1 unit = 1m x 1.27m off of 1.27m wide roll.

This product is very flexible, designed to wrap curved surfaces such as door handles, key pads, escalator handles, trolley and basket handles, car and taxi door handles etc. to protect people from exposure to microbes.

Touchshield™ is a self-adhesive, 
anti-bacterial and anti-viral protective film for surfaces. It is designed for flawless integration into any commercial, medical, retail or hospitality environment where the cross contamination of bacteria or viruses could occur.

Touchshield™ is a clear, watermarked anti-microbial protective film. Subtle enough to blend in, distingushable enough to trust. Touchshield™ PVC is 70 microns thick.

How it works:
The Touchshield™ coating includes silver-ions which are the active ingredient when it comes to destroying micro-organisms. Silver-ions are proven to deactivate envelope style viruses, similar to Coronavirus, through a charge-based interaction. Essentially, Touchshield™ is killing bacteria and viruses that come into contact with surfaces and preventing their deadly spread.

Officially ISO Certified:

Touchshield™ has been put through its paces and tested to internationally recognised standards (ISO).


ISO 22196 measures the activity of bacteria on surfaces of which Touchshield™ has been awarded protection levels of up to 99%.

ISO 21702 measures the activity of viruses on surfaces of which Touchshield™ has been awarded protection levels of up to 93.41%.


Touchshield™ is self-cleaning by nature so it is not recommended that industrial chemicals or disinfectants are used as this could damage the product. A mild detergent or soapy water is all that we would recommend to clean surfaces once Touchshield™ has been applied.

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