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PP Polypropylene sheet

Polypropylene sheet is a low density extruded material. It is strong, high in stiffness and hard. It has a good chemical resistance to a wide range of substances and is easily used for fabrications in the engineering field. It is welded using hot air or extrusion welding tecniques. Usually stocked in natural but grey also available.
Technical Specifications
Weight: n/a
Width: n/a
Length: n/a

The technical specifications for this products are specified in the product description

The range of products available for industry is very broad - most applications if not directly satisfied with an off-the-shelf item can be catered for by custom fabrication or specialised moulding dependant on the requirements.

Plastics are widely used in a number of engineering applications. Nylon & PVC rods as well as PP and HDPE sheet form part of the range. Materials such as PTFE, Acetal, Electrical insulation laminates, etc are available on request.